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Algorithms for Organizing Workers in the Online Labor Market and for Reducing Recommendation-Bias in Online Markets

Adriano Fazzone
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Monday, 20 May, 2019 - 14:00
DIAG - Via Ariosto 25, Room B203
Despite the improvement of AI in the last decades, there are still tasks very hard for machines, but easy for humans. Crowdsourcing is a computational paradigm that is successfully used to address problems that require the solution of these types of tasks, by involving human workers in the key steps of the computation. An important characteristic of human workers is their uniqueness: different workers have different profiles and different abilities in solving tasks. During the talk, there will be presented new algorithmic solutions, in the field of Crowdsourcing, that exploit the different levels of expertise of workers, together with new results for reducing the recommendation bias, generated implicitly by users, in the online markets.
Adriano Fazzone is a postdoctoral researcher at DIAG-Sapienza-University-of-Rome, where he got also a Ph.D. in "Engineering in Computer Science". Adriano's research interests have been focused on the design of algorithms for Data-Crowdsourcing problems, the optimal management of human workers in the online labor market and, recently, on ensuring algorithmic fairness in recommender systems.


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