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2020, 2020 28th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation (MED), Pages 292-298

User-aware centralized resource allocation in heterogeneous networks (04b Atto di convegno in volume)

Ornatelli Antonio, Giuseppi Alessandro, Suraci Vincenzo, Tortorelli Andrea

In the last two years, in Europe, 5G networks and services proliferated. The integration of 5G networks with other radio access networks is considered one of the key enablers for matching the challenging 5G Quality of Service requirements. In particular, the integration with high throughput satellites promises to increase the network performances in terms of resilience and Quality of Service. The present work addresses this problem and presents a user-aware resource allocation methodology for heterogeneous networks. Said methodology is articulated in two-steps: at first, the Analytical Hierarchy Process is used for deciding the network over which traffic is steered and, then, a Cooperative Game for allocating resources within the network is set up. Simulations are presented for validating the proposed approach.
ISBN: 978-1-7281-5742-9
Gruppo di ricerca: Networked Systems
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