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2023, World Conference on Explainable Artificial Intelligence, Pages -

Concept Distillation in Graph Neural Networks (04b Atto di convegno in volume)

Charlotte Magister Lucie, Barbiero Pietro, Kazhdan Dmitry, Siciliano Federico, Ciravegna Gabriele, Silvestri Fabrizio, Jamnik Mateja, Liò Pietro

The opaque reasoning of Graph Neural Networks induces a lack of human trust. Existing graph network explainers attempt to address this issue by providing post-hoc explanations, however, they fail to make the model itself more interpretable. To fill this gap, we intro- duce the Concept Distillation Module, the first differentiable concept- distillation approach for graph networks. The proposed approach is a layer that can be plugged into any graph network to make it explainable by design, by first distilling graph concepts from the latent space and then using these to solve the task. Our results demonstrate that this approach allows graph networks to: (i) attain model accuracy comparable with their equivalent vanilla versions, (ii) distill meaningful concepts achiev- ing 4.8% higher concept completeness and 36.5% lower purity scores on average, (iii) provide high-quality concept-based logic explanations for their prediction, and (iv) support effective interventions at test time: these can increase human trust as well as improve model performance.
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