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2019, AmI 2019 Poster and Workshop Sessions of AmI-2019, Pages 19-29 (volume: 2492)

Sparks-Edge: Analytics for intelligent city water metering (04b Atto di convegno in volume)

Amaxilatis D., Chatzigiannakis I., Tselios C., Tsironis N.

Smart Meter infrastructures are emerging systems that measure, col- lect, and analyze utility data and communicate with the network’s backbone on a fixed schedule. Such infrastructures are a vital part towards real Intelligent Cities. In this article we propose an edge- processing oriented Internet of Things architecture for smart meter networks that helps reduce data communication while keeping the sys- tem secure, reliable and responsive. We discuss our system architecture based on a real-world water metering deployment of 48 water meters inside a University Campus, using off-the-shelf wM-Bus water meters. We also provide a study of how our solution can face the same problems regardless of the size of the water meter network, scaling up to cities of millions of citizens and measuring points, reducing traffic and data sizes event by 80%.
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