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2018, REMS 2018. Multidisciplinary Symposium on Computer Science and ICT, Pages 29-40 (volume: 2254)

A novel QR-code based watermarking scheme for digital rights (04b Atto di convegno in volume)

d'Amore F., Chiavarelli S.

This paper presents a digital rights protection scheme for both colour and grayscale images using a novel approach that combines watermarking and cryptography. The schema involves two parties: the owner of the digital rights and a generic user who acquired some rights on a copy of the image that will be watermarked. The watermark, a QR code derived from a signed “License Agreement”, is repeatedly inserted, and scrambled, by the image right’s owner, into the frequency components of the image, thus producing the watermarked image. The schema, a non-blind type, achieves good perceptive quality and fair robustness using the 3rd level of the Discrete Wavelet Transform. The experimental results show that, inserting more occurrences of a scrambled QR code, the proposed algorithm is quite resistant to JPEG compression, rotation, cropping and salt & peeper noise.
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