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2020, ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, Pages -

ITAVIS: 2nd Italian Visualization & Visual Analytics Workshop (04b Atto di convegno in volume)

Angelini M., Santucci G.

Data-driven analysis, AI, machine learning and modern data science pipelines of analysis are becoming more and more important possibilities when coping with problem solving. In this respect, the capability to explore data, understands how algorithmic approaches work and steer them toward the desired goals make Visualization and Visual Analytics strong research fields in which to invest efforts. While this importance has been understood by several countries (e.g., USA, Germany, France) that created strong national communities around these research fields, in Italy the research efforts in these fields are still disjointed. With the second edition of ITAVIS we want to consolidate and expand on the encouraging results obtained from the first edition (ITA.WA.- Italian Visualization & Visual Analytics workshop). The goal is to make an additional step toward the creation of an Italian research community on these topics, allowing identification of research directions, joining forces in achieving them, linking researchers and practitioners and developing common guidelines and programs for teaching activities on the fields of Visualization and Visual Analytics.
ISBN: 978-145037535-1
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