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2021, ITASEC 2021 Italian Conference on Cybersecurity 2021, Pages 106-119 (volume: 2940)

Detecting phishing e-mails using text mining and features analysis (04b Atto di convegno in volume)

Franchina L., Ferracci S., Palmaro F.

Phishing e-mails are used by malicious actors with the aim of obtaining sensitive information from a victim, deceiving or blackmailing them. An inattentive or uninformed user may often fail to recognise if an e-mail is sent by an authentic sender or is a scam. We therefore sought to develop a method that can effectively and efficiently detect phishing e-mails and report them to the user. We analyse all the information available on receipt of the e-mail both statically and performing text mining on the content and subject of the e-mail. In addition to indicating weather e-mails are suspicious, the degree of accuracy with which the above statement is made is also reported, and the aspects of the e-mail that are characteristic of a phishing e-mail are highlighted. Excellent results were achieved with our methodology, reaching 99.2% accuracy.
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