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2023, ALGORITHMS, Pages 46- (volume: 16)

Hyperparameter Black-Box Optimization to Improve the Automatic Classification of Support Tickets (01a Articolo in rivista)

Bruni R, Bianchi G, Papa P

User requests to a customer service, also known as tickets, are essentially short texts in natural language. They should be grouped by topic to be answered efficiently. The effectiveness increases if this semantic categorization becomes automatic. We pursue this goal by using text mining to extract the features from the tickets, and classification to perform the categorization. This is however a difficult multi-class problem, and the classification algorithm needs a suitable hyperparameter configuration to produce a practically useful categorization. As recently highlighted by several researchers, the selection of these hyperparameters is often the crucial aspect. Therefore, we propose to view the hyperparameter choice as a higher-level optimization problem where the hyperparameters are the decision variables and the objective is the predictive performance of the classifier. However, an explicit analytical model of this problem cannot be defined. Therefore, we propose to solve it as a black-box model by means of derivative-free optimization techniques. We conduct experiments on a relevant application: the categorization of the requests received by the Contact Center of the Italian National Statistics Institute (Istat). Results show that the proposed approach is able to effectively categorize the requests, and that its performance is increased by the proposed hyperparameter optimization.
Gruppo di ricerca: Combinatorial Optimization
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