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Nonlinear Hamiltonian systems under sampling (01a Articolo in rivista)

Monaco S., Normand-Cyrot D., Mattioni M., Moreschini A.

This paper investigates the transformation of Hamiltonian structures under sampling. It is shown that the exact sampled-data equivalent model associated to a given port-Hamiltonian continuous-time dynamics exhibits a discrete-time representation in terms of the discrete gradient, with the same energy function but modified damping and interconnection matrices. By construction, the proposed sampled-data dynamics guarantees exact matching of both the state evolutions and the energy-balance at all sampling instants. Its generalization to port-controlled Hamiltonian dynamics leads to characterize a new power conjugate output which recovers the average-passivating output. On these bases, energy-management control strategies are proposed. An energetic interpretation is confirmed by its description in the Dirac formalism. Two classical examples are worked out to validate the proposed sampled-data modeling in a comparative way with the literature.
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