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2023, SOFTWARE IMPACTS, Pages 100505- (volume: 16)

A tool for declarative Trace Alignment via automated planning (01a Articolo in rivista)

De Giacomo G., Fuggitti F., Maggi F. M., Marrella A., Patrizi F.

We present a tool, called TraceAligner, for solving Trace Alignment by first compiling into Planning and then solving it with any available cost-optimal planner. TraceAligner can produce different variants of the output Planning instance, each offering different degrees of readability and solution efficiency. The Planning instance is expressed in PDDL, the Planning Domain Definition Language. The tool can be easily extended and coupled with any planner taking PDDL as input language. A thorough experimental analysis has shown that the approach dramatically outperforms existing ad-hoc tools, thus making TraceAligner the best-performing tool for Trace Alignment with declarative specifications.
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