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2023, 31st Italian Symposium on Advanced Database Systems, Pages 525-534

Bridging the Gap between Buyers and Sellers in Data Marketplaces with Personalized Datasets (04b Atto di convegno in volume)

Firmani Donatella, Mathew JERIN GEORGE, Santoro Donatello, Simonini Giovanni, Zecchini Luca

Sharing, discovering, and integrating data is a crucial task and poses many challenging spots and open research direction. Data owners need to know what data consumers want and data consumers need to find datasets that are satisfactory for their tasks. Several data market platforms, or data marketplaces (DMs), have been used so far to facilitate data transactions between data owners and customers. However, current DMs are mostly shop windows, where customers have to rely on metadata that owners manually curate to discover useful datasets and there is no automated mechanism for owners to determine if their data could be merged with other datasets to satisfy customers' desiderata. The availability of novel artificial intelligence techniques for data management has sparked a renewed interest in proposing new DMs that stray from this conventional paradigm and overcome its limitations. This paper envisions a conceptual framework called DataStreet where DMs can create personalized datasets by combining available datasets and presenting summarized statistics to help users make informed decisions. In our framework, owners share some of their data with a trusted DM, and customers provide a dataset template to fuel content-based (rather than metadata-based) search queries. Upon each query, the DM creates a preview of the personalized dataset through a flexible use of dataset discovery, integration, and value measurement, while ensuring owners' fair treatment and preserving privacy. The previewed datasets might not be pre-defined in the DM and are finally materialized upon successful transaction.
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