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Equilibria, Stability, and Sensitivity for the Aerial Suspended Beam Robotic System Subject to Parameter Uncertainty (01a Articolo in rivista)

Gabellieri Chiara, Tognon Marco, Sanalitro Dario, Franchi Antonio

This article studies how parametric uncertainties affect the cooperative manipulation of a cable-suspended beam-shaped load by means of two aerial robots not explicitly communicating with each other. In particular, this article sheds light on the impact of the uncertain knowledge of the model parameters available to an established communicationless force-based controller. First, we find the closed-loop equilibrium configurations in the presence of the aforementioned uncertainties, and then, we study their stability. Hence, we show the fundamental role played in the robustness of the load attitude control by the internal force induced in the manipulated object by nonvertical cables. Furthermore, we formally study the sensitivity of the attitude error to such parametric variations, and we provide a method to act on the load position error in the presence of uncertainties. Eventually, we validate the results through an extensive set of numerical tests in a realistic simulation environment, including underactuated aerial vehicles and sagging-prone cables, and through hardware experiments.
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