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A multirobot system for autonomous deployment and recovery of a blade crawler for operations and maintenance of offshore wind turbine blades in JOURNAL OF FIELD ROBOTICS 2023
Adaptive Temporal Planning for Multi-Robot Systems in Operations and Maintenance of Offshore Wind Farms in AAAI-23 Special Programs, IAAI-23, EAAI-23, Student Papers and Demonstrations 2023
Exploiting Geometric Constraints in Multi-Agent Pathfinding in Proceedings of the Thirty-Third International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling 2023
Helpful Information Sharing for Partially Informed Planning Agents in IJCAI 2023
Learning Interpretable Heuristics for WalkSAT in Proceedings of the International Conference on Knowledge Representation and Reasoning 2023
Squads of Adaptive Robots (SoAR): an architecture for operating heterogeneous fleets of marine robots in OCEANS 2023 - Limerick 2023
A Network Flow Interpretation of Robust Goal Legibility in Path Finding in Proceedings International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling, ICAPS 2022
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